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Fire Department


+ + + + Bordesholm is now resort + + + Certificate is awarded in early December 2012 + + + The community Bordesholm has been recognized as a resort. The Mayor Helmut Tiede (CDU) announced on Thursday at City Hall at the meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Conservation of the infrastructure. Thus, it is clear by reports that air and climate in Bordesholm are likely to promote recovery. The certificate mayor Tiede is on Monday 3 December can receive it. "Our community is a great success," said SPD parliamentary leader Ronald Büssow. The Social Democrat, had made ​​several years ago about the local tourist course for the title "resort". Because in the 20's the church was ever officially recognized health resort. When and why but the conditions were removed, is not known. Büssow initially explored the new Policies &. This last September included a site visit with representatives of the Ministry of Economy as the approval authority. Result: All nice and good, but Bordesholm have nothing to offer spa facilities, an award as the resort is not so possible, it was the part of the authority. Therefore the German weather service for around 3000 euros a climate report was commissioned. The conditions are satisfied as a resort, and so gave the Ministry of Economy for approval. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
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